Sunday, November 11, 2007

We did it! World Run Day

Today, November 11, 2007 was World Run Day. AdventureHere formed a team, trained for 4 weeks and ran 5K this morning at Railhead Park in Auburn, CA this morning! To learn more about this international event, check out

AdventureHere plans to form another team for next year's World Run Day on November 8, 2008. If you want to join our team, contact us! Thank you team!!


Emily Blum said...

Congrats, it looked like a lot of fun!
You are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...


This is a terrific photo! I will post it on our site for everyone to see. You have come such a long way and have shown great spirit and determination in becoming a host city for World Run Day 2007! Having the kids get involved is great!

I can't wait to begin planning with you for next year!
If you are ever in the New York City area please give me a call.


Bill McDermott
World Run Day