Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kim Jenkin-Palaferri stands proud with her trophy!!


That's right!! Kim won Auburn's Biggest Loser 2008. Dropping an incredible 40 lbs and 25 inches! Her reward was a one year membership to the Courthouse Athletic Club in Auburn. Lisa Swisley came in at a close 2nd place. Kim and Lisa were neck and neck though the competition. Kim decided to split her membership with Lisa so now the 2 of them are enjoying 6 months at CAC. Both meet regularly for spin classes and daily workouts. I am so proud of you all!! Should I go for round 2?? Stay tuned!!

If you want to be apart of the next Biggest Loser Competition in Auburn contact me!

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Diana said...

So, you're going to do it again? COOL! It will be so fun to watch the poor souls and follow THEIR stories. Watching the newbies will help keep me motivated! Diana