Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Boot Camps Work...

I found this article by Jorge Cruise in FitSmart and wanted to share it.

"Class-based training is the wave of the future" says Jackie Warner, Star of Bravo's Work Out. "It's part ecomonics because it's cheaper to take a group class than to get one-on-one training. And people are competitive by nature and draw energy from other people in the boot camp."

Warner admits that boot camps might not be for the faint of heart: "They are not gentle. They're based on a mitlitary boot camp; there will be screaming and punishment if the goals aren't reached. But when you push yourself as a part of a group and create a support system, then you feel excited about achieveing something."

Boot camps also offer fast results. "They'll change your body quicker than if you are by yourself," says Warner, who recommends adding an eating plan for the even faster results.

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