Sunday, November 22, 2009

4 Ways to Stay Active This Winter...

Hot chocolate, warm blankets, good books. They're all part of the hibernation instinct that takes over when the first frost appears. But why stop moving and wait until spring to get active again?

Staying active in the winter helps you ward off the flu and common cold. It also can help you avoid winter weight gain. And for those who get the winter blues, physical activity is a great stress reliever and mood lifter.

Some Suggestions:
1. Take a walk - there’s something about the bracing air on a cold, sunny winter day that just gives you energy!
2. Bundle up and go for a run - dig out your gloves, warm hat and grab your thankful that you don't live in the Artic!!
3. Try a structured workout class or DVD - check out your local community center and see what classes are being offered. Jillian Michael's makes some great home DVD's: Biggest Loser Power Sculpt and Shred are among my favorites.
4. Throw yourself into housework - we all know how exhausting cleaning can be - exhausting equals calories burned!!

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