Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Has Sprung...Get Outside!

Be Resourceful!

  • Workout at your local park, build a routine around the equipment there. Warm-up with a 10 minute jog of power walk. Then do some push-ups by placing your hands on top of a picnic table. Sit on the bench with your back to the table. Place the palms of your hands on the bench and move your body forward so your arms are now supporting you. Dip down to make the top of your arms parallel with the ground. Then lift your body back up. Repeat these exercise 15 times. Take a break, then do them again.

Mix it Up!

  • Working out doesn't have to consist of mundane exercise routines. Go for a hike or run up a hill. Get even more motivation to work out by finding someone to sweat with. Many communities offer soccer clubs, running clubs, and more. Check out the opportunities in your town, or check out the website "," which lists events and workouts in your area.

Have a Goal!

  • Exercise daily with a goal in mind. Already reached your goal?  Exceed it!! Sign up for a local race to keep your plan in check. Many races also benefit local and national charities, so your workouts not only keep you healthy but also help others by funding organizations that find cures for diseases. Check with local parks to see if they are hosting any future races you can register for. 

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