Thursday, August 25, 2011

Details for hikers - HIKE4EMMETT

We will beginning the hike at the bottom of the Railroad Grade Trail-head in Mill Valley. The trail-head is at the end of West Blithedale (map above)

We will be starting at 9AM sharp. We should be through with the hike by 10:30/45AM. Parking is limited so please be prepared to park on West Blithedale and walk to the trail head.

I ask that you all bring a reusable water bottle, good walking shoes, a hat and sunscreen. I will be providing water, bananas and energy bars.

Everyone will have their photo taken at the summit. The photo will be sent to Emmett so if you want to make a sign with a personal message, please feel free.

Thank you ALL. And please email me with any further questions or comments!


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